“This is one of our favorite place in the world. Art created from various mediums, from the most gifted artists, in a gorgeous setting. A feast for the eyes and warmth for the soul. Do not miss this special place if you are looking for authentic artists and their treasures, this is the place to find them.”

V. D. Ippolito

“Wonderful art from local talents and teachers. Some of the best artists on island and beyond, a must see when you are in town.”

~ Darcy Gray

“Creativity abounds at the studio. Auspicious woodblock prints, sculpture and pottery! Loved the crater installation I stumbled into while I was distracted by the series of woodblock prints on the opposite wall! Beautiful colors and textures. Hiroki and Setsuko are welcoming and gracious. Don’t miss it if you appreciate art and craft.”

~ Chris Michel, Oregon

“Studio 7 is a treasure for the island of Hawai’i. The work of Hiroki, Setsuko and Miho is remarkable both for aesthetic, but also for the incredible craftsmanship and intention. I am so pleased that I found my way there!”

~ Pam Galvani, WA